We optimize your database life-cycle
Our expertise helps companies extract maximum performance, efficiency and reliability from their database platform

In June of 2016 Allied Global founded Itzdata, a nearshore enterprise dedicated to fulfilling IT services in the United States. Itzdata, located in Guatemala, specializes in the entire database life-cycle, from design, implementation and development to administration and optimization.

Our expertise:

High availability. We ensure business continuity through a highly available database architecture.

Data Warehouse. We improve business analytics by leveraging a high performance data warehousing platform.

Exadata. We achieve the highest possible Oracle Database performance by running on Exadata.

Performance Tuning. We optimize your database through SQL tuning and parameter configuration.

Migration / Replatform. We keep your database up-to-date and secure by implementing new software features, infrastructure and patching.

Oracle Forms / Middleware. We extract maximum value from your applications developed with Oracle.

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