October 2013

Guatemala City, Guatemala Allied Global announces the expansion of its operation in Guatemala with the opening of its new site located in Plaza Zona 4 with capacity for 2,000 employees. General Otto Perez Molina, president of Guatemala, was present during the inaugural ceremony. This $5 million dollar investment will bring 2000 job openings to Guatemala City.

The new site is located inside Centro Commercial Plaza Zona 4, offering easy access and convenient parking facilities for employees and visitors, along with large training rooms, a nursing room, psychological clinic and a cafeteria. The construction for this site had a cost of around $5 million.

Allied Global is currently one of the leading contact centers in Latin America with more than 6,000 employees in four countries. Manuel Gordo, CEO of the company, said: "We are delighted with the opening of our new site. This expansion is the result of the excellent service and commitment we provide to our customers. We believe that Guatemala has great potential and can continue to grow. To this date, Allied Global employs over 6,000 young workers who represent a strong force for the economy. Our plans are to continue growing and remain a major source of work for Guatemalans.”

Allied Global´s expansion into Plaza Zona 4 will contribute to over 4,500 job positions by the end of 2013 in Guatemala becoming an important source of employment for the country.

The new positions require candidates with an English level of at least 80% with experience in customer service and sales. The company provides full scholarships to candidates with a minimum of 50% of English through Allied Global´s English Academy.

Allied Global believes the success of any organization is dependent upon the human talent involved, therefore, to increase our pool of top level English speaking agents we founded our English Academy in 2008 graduating over 4,000 Guatemalans with a full scholarship program perfecting their English and soft skills" concluded Manuel Gordo.

Allied Global has 19 contact centers in Guatemala, Honduras, USA and Canada including the recent acquisition of the company Marketlink in Iowa, United States.

Allied Global´s culture is delivered in every single customer interaction. Training and education have become the backbone of our success. To assure we meet our client’s requirements we carefully select the best agents and invest in their English speaking, customer service, and sales skills

Allied Global has won numerous awards from our clients for excellence in production, QA results.

In 2009, 2010 and 2011 Allied Global was honored with the Best Partner Award for inbound service excellence from a US Telecom client.

In 2012, Allied Global was awarded as Best Exporter in the category of Services, by AGEXPORT.

About Allied Global.

Allied Global is a Contact Center and BPO with Corporate offices in Guatemala City, Guatemala. With 22 owned and operated centers in 5 countries (Guatemala, U.S, Honduras, Belize and Canada), Allied Global offers Multilingual services such as Inbound/Outbound Sales, Customer Care, Tech Support, IT Services, Back Office and Quality Assurance.

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