June 2016

Guatemala City, Guatemala –Allied Global announces it’s expansion into a new business vertical with the creation of Itzdata, a nearshore enterprise dedicated to fulfilling IT services in the United States. Itzdata, located in Guatemala, specializes in the entire database life-cycle, from design, implementation and development to administration and optimization.

It offers specialized consulting and technical support for databases focusing on High Availability, Disaster Recovery, Data Warehouse, Data Integration, Application Development and Middleware. Training and Outsourcing facilities are also provided.

“We partner with our customers to extract maximum performance, efficiency, and reliability from their database platform. Our team consists of Oracle Certified consultants who run thousands of databases for diverse companies and government institutions,” said Miguel Molinero, Head of Client Services.

Itzadata consultants have a strong track record with several years of experience in highly demanding sectors including telecom and financial services. Oracle certified experts' have experience ranging from 5 to 20 years, which guarantees exceptional service levels and confidence in hiring high-quality resources.

The team is composed of experts who provide value to your investment. Resources are based on nearshore locations, leveraging a lower cost structure, allowing monthly contracts that do not lock you in so you can try the services and experience the value of working with Itzdata. Delivery centers are also a short flight away from most major US cities. Customers can easily visit in a single day with very little time zone changes.

Itzdata is here to help improve and maximize tech services, to facilitate new market entrants, lead data operations correctly and update legacy applications, all in one enterprise.

“There is a great opportunity to offer these services to customers in the United States, especially in startups where resource efficiency is critical, nearshore can be done with us,” concludes Molinero.

About Allied Global.

Allied Global is a Contact Center and BPO with Corporate offices in Guatemala City, Guatemala. With 22 owned and operated centers in 5 countries (Guatemala, U.S, Honduras, Belize and Canada), Allied Global offers Multilingual services such as Inbound/Outbound Sales, Customer Care, Tech Support, IT Services, Back Office and Quality Assurance.

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