Sales Case Study
Travel and Hospitality Online Reservations Co.


In May, 2012 Allied Global was approached by a start-up company, today one of the Top Hotel Reservations companies in the U.S., requesting a proposal to launch a small scale inbound sales program with an initial group of 4 agents. The main objective of the program was to increase conversion rates in the client’s sales campaigns. Since its foundation in 2005, Allied Global had mainly focused primarily on customer service programs and had little exposure to this business vertical.

Recruiting the right talent.

As a result of Allied Global´s unparalleled commitment to grow with new and existing clients, they determined the best course of action would be to recruit experienced sales executives to lead the execution of the project. Their main responsibility would be to ensure the successful launch of a new business vertical. An important milestone was set in building a strong sales culture, today one of Allied Global’s main differentiators.

Our transition management process is a carefully thought out plan through which we ensure that an outsourced business process is transferred using the client’s existing practices. A task force is assigned to manage each portion of the project´s implementation to ensure a quick startup and minimal to null disruption of services during the transition.

Quality Assurance & Process Improvements.

As a result of the continuous process improvements Allied Global offers to all clients, a customized data capture system was developed to monitor and control sales along with the creation of statistical reports that would be share with the Client to ensure optimum transparency and real-time metrics. QA processes were customized and implemented to ensure continuous improvements in conversion rates and monitor the desired quality on each sale to decrease churn and increase the number of recurrent customers.

Exceeding Expectations.

Allied global launched Phase 1 of the campaign in Guatemala City. Sales conversion rates exceeded 15% at the end of the first month. Continuous improvements to the program were implemented resulting in consistent sales growth over the past 4 years.

Growing and Expanding.

The increase and optimum Agent Headcount was key to the deliverance of results. Highly skilled sales agents were recruited to achieve sustainability and consistency in the desired forecasted sales. Allied Global expanded into additional sites that would support the desired long term growth of the project. In April 2013 Allied Global expanded operations in Honduras and in April 2015, operations started in Belize.


The expansion of operations, continuous process improvements, scalability of operations and optimum management of seasonality, proved Allied Global’s long term commitment to the Client. Allied Global continues to partner with the Client to grow its business.


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