IT Services-Application Re-Platform Case Study Energy Utilities Regulator


Guatemala’s Energy Market Regulator (EMR) oversees energy contracts between generators, distributors and consumers, also known as “energy market actors”. In 2015, the EMR concluded that in order to offer a more efficient process for new alternative energy generators to become players in the market, a improvement in user experience and redesign of the existing contract management application was needed.


The EMR had a legacy contract management application using Oracle Forms/Reports 6i. Energy market actors were required to send their contract terms to the EMR in a specific file format or physically visit the EMR offices to have them entered manually. Due to EMR’s existing platform, the process was becoming inefficient, costly and time consuming.


The EMR contacted Itzdata to make an initial diagnostic of the existing legacy system to determine if it was possible to develop a new web-based application reusing most of the current embedded business logic. After the initial assessment, Itzdata recommended the design and implementation of a new application using the latest Java technology available on Oracle’s Application Development Framework (ADF), reusing as much functionality as possible from the legacy application’s optimized processes to minimize user’s resistance.


The complete redesign process took 6 months and was executed in 2 steps:

1. Analysis and Documentation

  • Business processes
  • User experience
  • Business rules and reports

2. Design and Implementation

  • Re-platform to Oracle ADF using similar user interface to the legacy system


1. Application Tech Refresh

A completely new application was implemented that inherited the functional maturity of the legacy application while using new mobile and cloud characteristics enabled by Oracle ADF and Java

2. Improvement in Accessibility

Positive feedback was received by the end users regarding the enormous benefits of using a web application and its’ browser and mobile accessibility

3. Improvement in Customer Experience

Energy market actors detected higher agility during contract negotiations, being able to review and confirm contract terms in a timely manner and with more flexibility prior to their submission to the EMR


Itzdata’s expertise was key in the EMR’s transition to a cloud and mobile platform, offering the company a technological refresh to its aging application focused on improving its users’ experience and a more efficient accessibility to new players in the energy market.


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