Customer Service Case Study
Pre-paid Cell Phone Provider


In June 2008, Allied Global began providing inbound, outbound, back office and email services in English and in Spanish to one of the largest pre-paid cell phone providers in the USA. The launch of operations began with 200 customer service representatives and has grown to over 2,100 over the course of the last 6 years.

The ability to handle seasonality, maintain performance while in consistent aggressive growth and successfully launch of new products and brands would be key to the success of the program.

Bringing on board the right talent.

Bringing on the right people and maintaining a steady growth of manpower, was only the first step towards achieving the Company’s goals. Allied Global’s unique training, QA’s and sales techniques played a key role in delivering highly proficient recruits with a short learning curve. Assigning a results-driven management team to monitor the execution of the tactics was essential to success.

Building and maintaining
long term partnerships.

When Allied Global launched with the Company, 2 of their brands were supported. Today, Allied Global supports 6 of their brands. The team of agents on the program has grown more than 950% since the launch of the project.


As a result of Allied Global’s proven commitment and success throughout the years, we evolved from being considered one of the Company’s outsourcing providers to one of their top business partners.


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