Back Office Case Study
Processing Company


Our client, a Processing Company, offers a mobile platform that allows the general public generate accurate digital 3D building data by simply taking a few photos with a smartphone. These 3D models are scaled, accurate, customizable, and are changing the way that people view and interact with their physical properties across spaces such as home improvement, property management and insurance. With offices in the U.S. and Ukraine, Processing Company was looking to outsource their production to help support the exponential growth they were encountering.

In March 2014, Processing Company contacted Allied Global to launch a pilot program for Back Office Processing services. Four main challenges were identified: Processing Company’s application was still on its initial development phase, there was no specific profile for the Agents that were to be hired, no clear understanding as to what the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) should be for the program and the fact that this would be a new business vertical for Allied Global.

Unique Needs. Tailored Services.

This was a true pilot program. Neither Allied Global nor Processing Company had experience recruiting and managing a team of agents for this role. There was no specific profile for the Agents that were to be hired and no clear understanding as to what the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) should be for the program. After careful review of the requirements, Architects and designers were recruited to perform the back office work for this program.

As Processing Company’s user base continued to grow, they had planned on adding another vendor to support the increase volume of back office work. Allied Global had proven their ability to grow while delivering consistent performance. As a result, Processing Company made the decision to not to add additional vendors and use Allied Global as their sole business partner.

Scalable Solutions.

Phase I of the pilot launched with 5 Agents in April 2014. After only 3 months, all KPIs set for the pilot were exceeded and Processing Company requested additional Agents to be added to the program. By the end of 2014, Processing Company had nearly 50 Agents dedicated to the program.

Adapting to Rapid Technology Change.

Technology evolves quickly and Processing Company’s application used to build the 3D models was no exception. After 6 months, Processing Company shared with Allied Global its desire to the transition to the new Processing software. The new software was intended to be more user-friendly, offering more options to customize projects and providing more accurate information to the final user. As a result, all Agents had to be re-trained use of this new tool.

One KPI does not fit all.
Evolving, custom KPIs result in continuous
program improvement.

At the start of the project, Allied Global worked closely with Processing Company on an initial list of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and goals. Those KPIs were monitored and measured daily. Since that time, additional KPIs were added to the program to ensure continuous program improvement.

An efficiency KPI was added to measure the handled time per submided project. Goal times were set according to the complexity of each of the models being designed. In addition, a production KPI was added measure the percentage of completed models in relation to the number of requested models. Between 2014 and 2016, the Average Handle Time decreased by 60%, resulting in more projects delivered by hour.


The expansion of operations, continuous process improvements and scalability of operations, proved Allied Global’s long term commitment to the Processing Company. Allied Global continues to partner with the Processing Company to grow its business. The team continues to grow and is projected to reach 600 Agents by 2017.

“Allied Global provided my company with more than just a reliable outsourcing team; they truly became a partner in our business with their ;reless work to ensure customer happiness with our product.”

Head of Operations, Processing Company.


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