The program is driven by national companies and receives the support of the European Union.

The contact center industry & BPO in Guatemala has vacancies. To sustein the real investment it is necessary that each year 15,000 young people get graduated from the program: Finishing School. People from the companies quote.

Each year only 1,000 had reach this goal. The year closed with the last 125 young graduates that received 10 weeks of indicated training for the business sector, including Allied Global, 24/7, Campgemini, Grupo pronto te llamo, EGS, Xerox, Atento and Telus International. They will join these companies.

Manuel Gordo Julia, president of the CC & BPO sector and Allied Global CEO. He said that 2016 will have a growth of 20% and that could have been doubled growth. But the deficit in the supply of employment of the sector affects them. We are graduating only 1000 people with the youth work program. We expect to double this number in 2017. He quote.

By 2021, the goal is have working one hundred thousand people in the sector because the CC & BPO sector has the capacity to triple its size if it gives a plan to teach the English language. Today the industry has 36,500 jobs.

today the 1000 graduates with scholarship between 18 and 29 years of age with the program,fulfilled the elevation of the English language domain from A2 grade to B1 grade, required level for being a call center employee.

At the end of the program the new graduates, will get a job in the outsourcing industry with the average salary of Q6000 per month.