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Almost 80% of CEO’s in multinational corporations believe that their customer service is considered as “superior” and above average from their customers when call center statistics ran by BAin and Company shows a very different reality, that only 8% of the customers are in fact satisfies. Due to these shocking numbers, it is no wonder that the average CEO tenure has dropped to 20 months and why US corporations lose estimated billions of dollars a year to bad customer service.

The purpose of this short article is twofold: First, we want to expose facts on how Customer Service is sometimes conscious and sometimes unconsciously is hindered in organizations and second, we want to circle back to Allied Global and how our model helps organizations deliver a high-standard customer service and BPO limitations.

Let’s start with our core business, our people and bring out the concept of Worker Experience. According to CIO.Com, roughly 30 percent of business managers who opt for outsourcing Contact /Center and BPO technologies state that workers are not equipped with CX skillset to detect, analyze. Additionally, more than 80% of managers confirm that enhancing the worker experience to consequently deliver great customer experience is an issue that executive management rarely addresses and is treated in silos within the organization. If at any point, drawing a direct line between investment in HR and the business outcome was hard, then it is not anymore; your customer service satisfaction is clearly your metric. At Allied Global, as a people-first company, we take care of our people and out people take care of our clients. We ensure that the worker experience is enhanced on a regular day basis by forwarding our worker's morale and their technical skills.

First, their morale is boosted by fostering a culture of recognition for monthly employee’s top performance and second, we constantly train our human resource on technical skills such as multi-lingual solutions in Inbound/Outbound Sales, Customer Care, Tech Support, Back Office, Quality Assurance and IT Services among others to close on sales with the smallest margin of error.

Furthermore, out of surveyed business managers a rough 26 percent say their business lacks the proper technology infrastructure to support an engaging customer experience. As we stressed in our previous article, companies who haven’t created a multichannel approach to offer time-effective solutions for clients in the customer engagement strategy are clearly in disadvantage.

Allied Global uses the power of social media to boost multi-platform access to its clients’ customers. Also, among many other technologies, we use business intelligence tools like Data Analytics to gather as much data as possible from customers to address quality assurance, sales and almost all of the array of services we deliver.

Ultimately, Contact/ Call Centers and BPO services providers who embrace technology as well as a those who enhance the worker experience from within as sources of innovation have an advantage over the competition. Companies who choose to outsource services with people-first providers like Allied Global have the competitive edge, may experience reduced operating costs, staff retention, and high morale, fewer complaints and overall, happier clients on the phone willing to return with their businesses.

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