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Experts throughout the Call Center Outsourcing and BPO industry convey by saying the industry has been profiting immensely by the rapid advancement of communication and cloud technologies. However, the true challenges arise when leaders in their different organization do not address BPO outsourcing and Contact Center activities – back office, customer service, sales, IT, quality assurance among others - by placing them in the “wrong” places within their businesses and organizational design. Misplaced BPO outsourcing activities such as Customer Care can make your business take big and unwanted hits.

Accounting a value of $76.9 million dollars in revenue in 2016 the industry is thriving among not only large companies but more so among small- and medium-sized companies (SME’s) as well as appealing heavily to the startup community. The reason? Simple, more and more entrepreneurs are mature enough to recognize the opportunity areas they have and delegating them to the experts in Customer Service and Call Center Services.. Traditional management theories dictate a leader should be omnipresent as well as possessing full knowledge of every business operation under them. This, to some extent, is still true, however the concept of a leader who’s an expert at everything which entails his business is flawed and has shifted dramatically to a modern – millennial-like point of view.

Today, a wholesome and resonant leader focuses more on growing the strategy through their core business operations and delegating non-core operations to experts who have the know-how and time to streamline them. However, as more leaders address these challenges they are confronted with fresh organizational questions:

Where is the best niche in your organization to place Customer Service/BPO/Call Center Outsourcing?

This is where Allied Global BPO comes in.

Remember that whatever Call Center strategy you put into place must aim to be cost-effective, delivery in a timely manner, enhance capabilities of the organization and be easy to repair when needed.

In that sense, we want to retake a couple examples given by Bill Skeet, experience design guru of the industry to portray how and what is an optimal placement of outsourcing within your organizational design.

Let's take for instance Customer Experience (CX) as a business process activity. A Customer Service and Engagement capability that’s outsourced must sit in all closeness to Operations and Product Development teams as much as they are, by nature, close to the sales team. The degree of product knowledge that customer service agents receive on a daily basis is so granular and detailed that it must be embedded in the process that makes the product or service a reality.

Second, in highly politicized and vertical organization, avoiding any conflict of interest is encouraged to avoid hindering strategy advancement. Outsourcing by nature functions as a seamless extension of business operations while complementing the efforts of both organizations and serving as a counterbalance. To address this issue, Skeet ideally recommends embedding outsourcing teams with Engineering and Product management teams to reduce costs, grow value and innovate processes without conflicts of interest.

Positioned properly in the organization together alongside the right partner to outsource BPO activities indeed fosters the delivery of great services and most importantly, enable organizations of all sizes, all types of funding and stages to put up a fight and compete in the fast-paced, technology-driven business environment we live in.


Allied Global, a privately held company, provides contact center and BPO services. Since its inception, the company has grown to more than 7,000 employees in 20 contact centers located in the United States, Guatemala, Belize and Honduras. The company offers to Startups and Fortune 500 companies high quality solutions across multiple verticals including telecommunications, hospitality, cable & entertainment, energy, utilities and technology among others. Allied Globe’s services include Sales, Customer Service, Technical Support, Quality Assurance, IT Services, and Back Office.