Outsourcing Services BPO Contact Center

We strongly believe that the value of commercial partnership with a business process outsourcing partner lies on the degree of understanding of each other’s business and how the outsourcing partner de-siloes operations.

This article attempts to give the reader examples of how a Contact Center BPO like Allied Global works with clients and strives to become a seamless extension of their business.

BPO and Contact Center services such as technical support, back office, quality assurance and customer care among others, are some of the most loaded and work-intensive outsourcing activities in a business. Not only that, but customer support agents, as part of BPO services, have the capacity to retain life long clients or to lose them if poorly handled.

Within Allied Global´s core, is the belief that if we take care of our people, our people will take care of our business. We engrave these believes on our everyday operations.

Customer Service offered by our Contact Center focuses on delivering as much added value to customers by handling all calls with First Call Resolution approach. Our Agents know first-hand what customers want; for this reason, Agents are embedded in important company processes.

Below a couple of examples, based on our experience, of how integrating customer service in your company’s strategy can give your company a competitive edge:

  1. Customer Service agents must work hand-in-hand with Product management teams to reduce costs, grow value and innovate processes through a bridge of constant feedback.
  2. Whether you’re a BPO service provider or you’re a company hiring a BPO or Contact Center, make sure you place a head of Customer Service within your operations. We all know how valuable contributions from teams within the company fall through without the proper leadership.
  3. Last but not least, leadership and the Team’s executive performance metrics must be tied to customer service KPIs.

When outsourcing your Contact Center and BPO services, make sure metrics aim for a sustainable, measurable and replicable partnership.