For successful partnerships in outsourcing there is a clear need to determine what’s changed about industry models and what remains the same, both on the side of the buyer and the clients. The purpose of this short article is to explain (mis)conceptions that have arose as outsourcing technologies evolve; and then circle back to Allied Global and how our model helps organizations deliver a high-standard customer service and BPO limitations. Let's review some trends going around in the industry:

Old MO’s are being challenged

Although this is a fact for Allied Global and its clients. Not all outsourcing providers do and this must not be taken as a general fact of the industry.

Outsourcers today are still focused on protecting a status quo and therefore are not always motivated to be disruptive and innovative. Whenevery innovation does occur, it is mainly because of the client's wishes to have the outsourcer provide innovation on the R&D part of things for example or disrupt freely the company’s status quo.

Outsourcers deliver innovation

Maybe professionals with years of experience within the industry may think they know everything there is to know about partnerships and technologies but the reality is that the fundamentals of value creation from outsourcing have changed dramatically in recent years; and they must be embraced properly.

Outcome-based pricing

Consumption-based pricing has proven to drive more productivity than previous Pay Per Hour-based or fixed price models. Contracts are now designed for efficiency and cost reduction and have given way to align themselves directly to business outcomes and growth.

Allied Global uses the power of social media to boost multi-platform access to its clients’ customers. Also, among many other technologies, we use business intelligence tools like Data Analytics to gather as much data as possible from customers to address quality assurance, sales and almost all of the array of services we deliver. Ultimately, Outsourcers who embrace technology as well as a those who enhance the worker experience from within as sources of innovation have an advantage over the competition.

Companies who choose to outsource services with people-first providers like Allied Global have the competitive edge, may experience reduced operating costs, staff retention, and high morale, fewer complaints and overall, happier clients on the phone willing to return with their businesses.

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