Today’s marketplace demands entrepreneurs to be smart and innovative. However, even the most experienced entrepreneurs can lack full knowledge and expertise of their entire venture as well as time to adequately address unexpected issues. Outsourcing non-core business activities to the right partner can help you overcome natural growing pains.

Each year, on average, 75% of new ventures stop operations before reaching the two-year milestone. The closure is often related to roadblocks such as Funding, lack of member expertise and an unclear Strategic vision, among others.

Outsourcing enables entrepreneurs to focus on designing strategies to fulfill their mission, allowing them to work with an external and unbiased partner obtaining new perspectives. Outsourcing has become an innovative part of any business model; so much in fact, that there is a good number of professionals, at every level and within every industry, who leave permanent jobs to pursue outsourcing-related jobs.

In fact, 37% of companies use outsourcing to grow their business in the today’s economy; and 78% of entrepreneurs believe that outsourcing gives them a competitive edge and consider it as a growth hacking strategy. Today, companies regardless of their business vertical and size choose to delegate their non-core operations to experts, allowing them to focus on core functions that drive profit and growth.

Furthermore, Outsourcing services related to Contact Centers and BPOs such as Back-Office, Administrative, Sales and IT strategy have now become a fundamental yet non-core activities that, when efficiently addressed, have proven to help startups not only survive the two-year milestone but to succeed in turn-over strategies. Areas such as Sales (both Inbound and Outbound), Customer Care, Technical Support and Back Office are ideal outsourcing areas for most ventures in early stages of growth.

In this sense, Allied Global has become a strategic partner for Startups and Fortune 500 companies by understanding the providing customized solutions in Customer Service Personnel Growth, back-office operation enhancement and strengthening Customer experience among others; we have organically become a seamless extension of our Client's businesses.

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