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“With the IoT, we’re headed to a world where things aren’t liable to break catastrophically – or at least we’ll have a hell of a heads’ up. We’re headed to a world where our doors unlock when they sense us nearby.”

- Scott Weiss (Venture Capitalist at Andreessen Horowitz in Silicon Valley)

This past September that Naveen Joshi, founder of Allerin and expert on Big Data and IT deployment activities for businesses that summarized gracefully ideas on technology readiness for small -or medium-sized companies: and decided to build on his ideas and share them you in an Allied Global fashion.

So, as we know, Artificial Intelligence / Virtual Reality, Cloud Technologies and Data Analytics among other technologies of the Internet of Things have made long-lasting impacts in industries such as outsourcing manufacturing, retail, automotive, logistics, and healthcare industries among many others and they are here to stay. Businesses have taken the leadership of embracing these technologies mainly due to cost savings, efficiencies, and enhanced customer experience.

Allied Global is no stranger to technological advances and not only that, but AG has also taken its clients to embrace the IoT-related technologies to scale their business.

Based on this idea, we would like to share some areas in which your business operations could have a positive impact if IoT Technologies are adequately implemented.

Access to more and better data sources

Data analytics and reporting will be more available for decision making in higher leadership. Technologies promise to broaden the scope of data collection in customer behaviors, markets, and transactions.

Inventory and Warehousing

For companies with the need of warehousing and inventory, the development of smart devices helps track inventory in real time which frees up worker’s space as well as their supervisors for more strategic tasks rather than tactical.

Customer Service

IoT technologies, Clouds, and bots have in fact increased customer support usage, allowing businesses to identify and resolve customer problems through messaging services.

Shorten Sales time

Customers nowadays can conveniently research and purchase personalized products and services; suppliers who leverage IoT technologies will do a much better job serving their customers by acting faster which is the name of the game in retail and e-commerce. Also, having chatbots as part of your sales strategy can significantly drive your sales.

IoT Technologies not only promise to speed processes but also to dramatically increase productivity. Vast amounts of data become feasible to process and analyze, larger tasks are quicker, and the customer care becomes much more personalized.

If you wish to start that journey and deploy IoT readiness these are safe places to start

  1. Establish relationship with outsourcing partners to enable Technology usage
  2. Protect your data with IoT Technologies
  3. Find solutions to gather information about customer behavior trends
  4. Be sure that the IoT solution increases agility and productivity