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Paraphrasing a group of consultants from one of the top firms in the Americas, top-performing organizations and brands share three main traits for success: they solve problems, they deliver unforgettable customer experience and they represent meaningful work through their values. This article attempts to explain how Allied Global works with clients as a Contact Center BPO to deliver the unforgettable customer experience as the main pillar of success.

As we have mentioned in previous posts, at its core Allied Global takes care of its people, and its people will take care of the business.

Based on our experience with clients, we have highlighted two main causes of our client's unsuccessful strives to adapt to customer service expectations in the digital age: First of all, most businesses still act in silos facing a customer that shifts from channels at will, at any time. This creates a delayed reaction to facing the ever-changing customer and obstructs performance with a high complexity of coordination among teams. Second, uncoordinated planning and execution. As a seamless extension of our clients, we want to embed ourselves in their operations as much as we want cross-functionality in their internal teams.

Having this in mind, BPO and Contact Center services such as technical support, back office, quality assurance and customer care among others, take a great role in helping companies solve these main challenges of the modern day workplace. Here are two ideas of how we foster our clients to address these challenges in the company’s strategy and find a competitive edge.

First, Allied Global as a people-first company fosters the deep understanding of the client through Data Analytics technologies which develop an advanced insight on customers.

Also, we encourage executives and leaders in our clients organization to go beyond data and actually visit their clients on site to understand their behaviors and decision making processes on a field level.

Furthermore, we understand how recording and linking every interaction with the customer is important to embed in Sales and Marketing strategies; however, it is only through a dedicated team of Allied Global agents that this can be achieved.

Last but not least, we encourage our clients to visualize customer service as a journey and not a process with touchpoints. Although it sounds obvious, when on the drawing board companies normally use sketch touchpoints when defining the customer process through sales reps, quality assurance and customer service agents based on their own biased and internal knowledge of the company which creates huge blind spots in the process.

We have proven experience of how our clients when they shift to thinking about the whole journey rather than touch points, they create a holistic and unified approach to the company's strategy embodied by a customer service process.

When outsourcing your Contact Center and BPO services make sure your partner has a deep understanding of the communication with the customer as well as tracking and reporting those interactions; that is how we strive to understand our partner´s business to become a seamless extension of their operations.