As we have hinted in previous blogs, CEO´s, corporations, strategists, and consultants normally fall into a common mistake leaders make in the customer service industry and it has to do with the thought process behind their corporate strategy. What is that? Making decisions of customer service based on internal assumptions and intuition.
Over the years, working closely with clients we have learned one common mistake across all our clients:

Normally, these decisions on Contact Center and BPO capabilities tend to be focused on what's best for the business and not for the customer.

During leadership meetings with them, we hear business buzzwords such as streamlining operations, shareholder return, cost-cutting measures, fewer efforts in field research all of which not only hinder the impact their employees cause on customer satisfaction but restrict their process to deliver quality in products and services.

It makes our job more attractive at Allied global when we face these situations with our clients because we immediately identify the need of the organization at hand to start what experts call an “outside in” solutions. This means in general terms, that organizations design processes and make decisions based on a customers perspective.

Sounds easier said than done. Riight?

Here´s a take on how Allied Global fosters internally an environment of recognition and shared. The key here is to make your employees internally become an essential to the customer satisfaction equation.

First, out core Values run strong in our employees which dictate behaviors towards clients in a respectful and ethical way. Internal programs of recognition like #AlliedChampions recognizes the stories of our employees who embody these values on a daily basis.

Second, our vision of Customer Service must be an inspirational one which outlines the future state of our agents and their work with clients. Mainly, we want our agents to base their decision making on Sales, IT, Quality Assurance among other BPO services on a clear vision of how we deliver services; Having this in mind leaves no space for error and aims directly at success.

Based on this vision, our Top performer's program recognizes our agents who embody and go the extra mile to deliver our vision to our clients on a monthly basis.

Last but not least our Training Programs ensure that agents are equipped with technical tools as well as soft skills to close on negotiations. Agents are known to deal with sales, Quality Assurance, Technical support and other BPO services.

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