As a people-first company, Allied Global takes care of its people and its people take care of our clients. Regardless of size, our clients profit from our multilingual solutions in Inbound/Outbound Sales, Customer Care, Tech Support, Back Office, Quality Assurance and IT Services because of the highest standards of delivery our agents thrive to have.

When organizations are small (startups, small teams in companies, and government agencies) early employees share a mission — why they come to work, what they need to do while they are at work, and how they will know they have succeeded. But as these organizations grow, what was once a shared mission and intent gets buried under HR process and Key Performance Indicators.

Non-core operations range from IT solutions to sales, from quality assurance to back-office and customer service among others.

Current Technologies such as Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Cloud Storage and Social Media have not only had a major role in transforming the BPO/Contact/Call Center industry but are now central in restructuring the industry through innovation and essential for its long-term vision.

According to Computer Weekly, an industry research revealed that 40% of high profile clients who choose BPO outsourcing consider technology to be an important component in their BPO/Contact/Call Center partnership.

Below you will find a couple of examples of how Allied Global embraces these trends and delivers top solutions for clients while acting as a seamless extension of their business operations.

1. Allied Global uses the power of social media to boost multi-platform access to its clients’ customers. Nowadays, communication strategies for technical assistance and customer service must possess a multichannel approach to offer time-effective solutions for callers. Companies who haven’t embedded these processes in the customer engagement strategy are clearly in disadvantage. Allied Global not only embraces this trend, but also innovates by enhancing customer service capabilities for its clients and leaving a legacy behind.

2. Big Data and Analytics is the analysis of huge amounts of information to reveal patterns and trends relating to customer-client interactions. Allied Global uses these business intelligence tools to gather as much data as possible from customers to tackle down issues of quality assurance, IT solutions, back-office, customer service, sales among others. In the world of Business Process Outsourcing, the ability to be proactive and not reactive based on real-time data proves to be a real advantage for companies who embrace this tech trend adequately.

It goes without saying that companies who provide BPO services and embrace technology as a source of innovation rather than just delivering on non-core processes have an advantage over the competition. Clients not only want to outsource non-core operations but they want more from the provider, they want their processes modernized with an external agent who innovates with expertise like Allied global does.

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