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At Allied Global, we believe that a Contact Center and BPO’s technological integration dictates both its success and survival in today's marketplace.

Over the past months and through our social media outlets, we have shared terms such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Technologies, Big Data Analysis, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality as key enablers of technological integration for outsourcing providers.

This article attempts to give the reader two insights on how a Contact Center BPO like Allied Global finds the sweet spot in today’s technology world by addressing the needs and demands of customer’s for the ultimate responsiveness and their high expectations around customer service delivered with an Omnichannel approach.

Let´s talk about Artificial Intelligence in Sales. Using AI to reach potential clients, as the reader may know, is optimized when the amount of data is large enough to efficiently feed an algorithm and obtaining an outcome; in this case, the outcome would be to increase reach and contact with our customers’ target audience. Utilizing a specialized CRM tool, you have the possibility to input different characteristics of your ideal customer’s profile. You would then utilize a “bot” or system that can gather all information from your data base to find perfect-fit between your customers’ target audience and the defined parameters. Finally, a user-oriented team develops customized content to efficiently reach out to those clients. It is now the turn of AI to automate these responses and follow up; and consequently, enable businesses to scale its sales strategy approach and operations.

"If you can automate it, you can scale it."

Furthermore, Artificial Intelligence capabilities are enhanced by other technologies such as Big Data – to harness enormous amounts of data from customers - as well as Cloud Technologies – to store the data. This brings us to another insight which is part of our core business, Customer Services. AI-fueled Chatbots have a proven track record of delivering more memorable and user-friendly customer care experiences.

Chatbots leverage Big Data to gather a massive amount of frequently asked questions to address the customer needs and provide concise answers to a customer that yearns more and more personalized treatment.

Although some may argue that the use of voice-based assistance in customer experience hinders results, bots have proven track records of excelling their human counterpart’s performance, delivering proven savings in headcount, and tackling the conversion rate of unsatisfied customers that don’t repeat purchases because of lacking technical support.

We hope to have shared with the reader a clearer view of how new technologies not only impact but can positively affect sales, quality assurance, back office and IT.

Without a Contact Center BPO outsourcing provider, would you be able to implement these activities and not lose focus on your businesses core operations? If your answer is no …

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