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“The important thing about outsourcing or global sourcing is that it becomes a very powerful tool to leverage talent, improve productivity and reduce work cycles.”

- Azim Premji (Indian investor, and philanthropist of theIndian IT Industry)

AR/VR, Cloud Technologies, and Data Analytics are influencing the Call Center industry and driving it into a fast-paced and more thriving business outsourcing environment.

A few questions now arise of what we can expect for the coming year to bring. What are the key capabilities a call center company needs in the industry to work on? What are external factors to take into consideration, among others.

Here’s a small but insightful summary of what experts consider will be and have been the trends that marked the call center outsourcing industry in 2017 and what’s to come for 2018.

Business Process Outsourcing as a seamless extension

According to a 2016 survey conducted by Deloitte, customers more and more demand innovative solutions from their outsourcing partner; this means, delivering value-added services that blend into the organizations guidelines, culture and practices to forward their strategy.

Responding to this trend, Allied Global BPO is committed to deliver value and innovation in its outsourcing services to ultimately become a seamless extension of its clients’ processes. More than just a cost-efficient solution, Allied Global’s BPO partners with its clients and works directly with their Customer Service, IT, Quality Assurance and Customer Care teams by signing Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) before any new project to set clear expectations of customer service delivery.

Centralizing IT BPO

More and more, companies are looking to centralize their IT outsourcing system processes with one vendor. Allied Global BPO, thinking ahead, provides wholesome solutions in IT, Sales, Customer Care, Quality Assurance, Back Office and Analytics; always with the idea in mind of streamlining the clients’ business processes.

Increase in virtual employees

Real-time monitoring and project management software are technologies that enable Allied Global BPO to work remotely and more efficiently with a higher headcount of agents in the market.

Onshore & Domestic outsourcing in Guatemala, Honduras, United States, Belize and Mexico has yielded great results and admiration in the call center, contact center, back office industries because of the hike of productivity it delivers to customers by streamlining operations on a cost-efficient basis and by giving a more flexible environment to work across different time zones.

Particularly, the only risk the industry presents are companies developing in-house capabilities vs. outsourcing other than that 2017 is a promising year for the BPO outsourcing industry.

Allied Global’s BPO innovative focus has set the company to newer, better and bigger challenges that have helped us become business process outsourcing and contact center industry pioneers.