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As a people-first company, Allied Global takes care of its people and its people take care of our clients. Regardless of size, our clients profit from our multilingual solutions in Sales, Customer Care, Tech Support, Back Office, Quality Assurance and IT Services because of the highest standards of delivery our agents thrive to have.

We see in our clients how sometimes missions get lost in hazy HR bureaucracy and hindered by Key Performance Indicators. We see environments where teams explain their capabilities and activities in a linear way saying that they do their core activities (A) because it is in their job description and their title(B). This here is how we identify a failure of management.

With this short article we wish to express ways of engaging our agent base through our mission at the core - letting them know why they come to work, what they need to do, and how to recognize what success looks like.

After we train our agents in different departments, our aim is to enable them with all technical skills to operate independently without the need of daily guidance.

This takes us to our first point of letting them know why they come to work. At Allied Global we ensure that clients engage with customers in a resonant way for them to come back to our clients because of the excellent customer service. This is a culture that we foster from within recognizing constantly our human capital in events which has proven to boost team morale and consequently have our clients satisfied with returning customers.

Our core objective is clear, we take care of our people for them to take the same care of clients acting as a seamless extension of our Client’s business.

Second, we train our capital to to know what they have to do. Through intensive customer service and communication skills training, our agents are equipped to understand the clients need and assess the best solution for them at hand. The idea of cascading the purpose is for our agents to understand what the organization intends to do with the mission in a resonant way that they work collaboratively towards a common goal.

More than what a job description or a business card says, the work of an agent is moving a department forward towards its mission. Better said than done; our allies agree that we bring mission-focused service to their operations and it reflects in conversion rates for Sales, IT services, quality assurance among other services we provide.

Last but not least, how we measure success and how we make our agents know they have succeeded. Going beyond Key Performance Indicators as a checklist - although taken in every instance very seriously - is a metric of our success with stakeholders. Conversion rates and returning customers is our added value and proves efficiency with clients. Agents ultimate goal is to close on negotiations creating a win win situation.

Ultimately, at Allied Global we push por teams to autonomously execute their tasks from the bottom up, with all agents and teams agreeing on mission and core values of the organization striving to reach the bigger picture which is taking care of our clients the want to treated.

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