Customers, clients, companies, and governments all acknowledge that a crucial element of the digital transformation for the workplace lies in the enhancement of BPO and Outsourcing services. Allied Global as part of the movement has created a people-first infrastructure that keeps agents engaged to find smart solutions for problems that startups don't know how to solve themselves.

This article serves the purpose to give the reader a glimpse of the trends in Customer Service and BPO outsourcing for Startups, as well as for small and medium-sized enterprises in today's economy; as well as showcasing how Allied Global strives to become a seamless extension when partnering with SME's and startups.

"One of the smartest things I've seen companies do is that they do what they do best and outsource the rest."

Words of Gene Marks, Inc. columnist and owner of the Marks Group, a tech consulting company for SME’s during this year’s National Business Week. Marks’ remark is deeply resonant across the IT services industry where companies, more and more, rely on strong partnerships to deliver solutions in sales, quality assurance, back office and IT among other BPO outsourcing services rather than developing in-house capabilities. The underlying concept is simple: Helping the industry leaders focus on developing their organization's strategy through their core operations and leave BPO services to the experts to optimize the process.

Furthermore, the benefits of outsourcing go deep in various layers of your business operations from reducing labor costs and risk to getting projects up and running in half the time.

In the case of Startups and SME’s, projects are designed, planned and executed in a much faster manner than larger corporations; here is where outsourcing enhances processes, to pilot projects more efficiently. It goes beyond saying how reducing risks of labor and labor costs can help these smaller-sized organizations to pick up traction during the early years of their venture.

It is clear how small companies outsource more functions because they lack an initial headcount, whereas large companies turn to outsourcing to reduce risks and costs. Today, the entire industry has evolved to serve companies’ different needs and offer tailor-made services. Small businesses are critical to the U.S. economy, accounting for half of private sector jobs and half of the country’s GDP, and Allied Global is eager to embrace the trend and boost Startups and SME’s like an engine to their economic development.

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